04 Sep

MWJN CERT/MYN Disaster Drill 10/5/19

MWJN MYN/CERT Drill 8/17

Neighbors assess “damaged and injured” blocks-2017 Drill

Were you rattled by the Rigdgcrest quakes? Powerful reminders we have more work to do to prepare for something like that in our neighborhood. We are co-hosting a drill on October 5 that will focus on radio communications because cell service will likely be overloaded even if still standing and we will have to rely on alternate communications in any disaster, whether power outage, earthquake, wildfire other type of event that overwhelms the first responders (911).

To that end, we are working with our local Batallion 2 CERT Coordinators on an exercise that will combine both the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) response with the MYN (Map Your Neighborhood –  the block by block, “first hour” response)

In a large-scale disaster, government resources may be overwhelmed and unable to immediately assist citizens in their community.  Emergency response personnel may be delayed for hours, even days. Preparing the community is vital in preparedness and resiliency.

Details will follow but for now, save the date and plan to participate either with your Map your Neighborhood block or as  a CERT trained responder. Drill hours are 3pm – 9pm.