Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved – all skill levels welcome! We need help now as well as on the day of the drill. If you have a little time to spare, let us know!

Organizing Team
Coordinating Volunteers, Block Captains, Pet Outreach, Flyer Distribution, Design logo/website/banners/flyers, Publicity, Procuring Equipment and Supplies, Fundraising and Sponsorship, Bookkeeping, General Admin, Creating sign-in forms and waivers, Coordinating with the city and other organizations, Writing, Translating, and more…

Event Team
Registration, Make Up artists, photographers, Location Team, Set up and wrap, Vendor coordinator, Traffic Control, Transport (Driver/shuttle?), Child Care, and more…

Drill Team
Make-up Artists, Victims, Search and Rescue, Triage and Medical Team, Communications, CERT Graduates, “Scribes” (Note Takers), Translators, Animal Care Team, Care Center (Special Needs, Children, Pets), Block Captains(?), and more…

What to Expect
When you arrive on the 18th, you’ll register by completing a standard waiver (required for participation) and providing your contact information. You can save time by downloading the FINAL_Participant Liability Waiver in advance, print it, fill it out completely, bring it with you to registration.

You’ll register, report to the volunteer coordinator, receive an assignment (search and rescue, triage, survivor, etc.) and any training specific to the assignment. You’ll meet your neighbors and have a fun day!