MWJN Weekly Sunday Evening Radio Check-in

A great way to familiarize yourself with using a hand-held radio, or to practice what you’ve already learned, is to participate in our regular Sunday evening Radio Roll Call on Channel 5 at 7pm. Its also a handy way to make sure your equipment is working properly.

neighbor with radio
neighbor with radio

Last but not least in these trying times, its an opportunity to communicate with a group of your neighbors and make sure everyone is doing OK.

The Radio Call-in is done from your home, with the best reception usually achieved by going outside on your deck/patio or yard.

The format is informal and usually includes a calling off of the streets in our neighborhood in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order. When your street name is called, Identify yourself with your first name and street name. (so, “Susan on Oneonta, Checking in.” Wait for a clear space to speak as others may try to talk at the same time. The moderator (usually Don or Ben) will acknowledge you and thank you for calling if he can hear you.

If you hear someone check in who is not acknowledged by the moderator, you can help out by relaying the check in. It goes somehting like this:

Susan: “Don, this is Susan on Oneonta with a relay”.

Don: “Susan, go ahead with the relay”.

Susan: “George on Oban checked in.”

Don: Thank you George for checking in and thank you Susan for the relay.”

We usually have about 25 check-ins and the entire thing usually takes about half an hour. Several children participate with their parents. Its a fun family friendly activity for a Sunday evening.

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