05 Jun

2023 Potluck in the Park 6/17/23

Neighbors enjoying their meals at the 2023 MWJN Potluck in the Park
Potluck in the Park 2023


Please come to our favorite social event! Meet your neighbors! Have fun!

Bring a dish to share – if you’re not inclined to cook, consider your favorite take out. Please label any dishes or flatware you want back with your name and contact info.

The park does not allow alcoholic beverages, but we won’t be checking coffee cups.

Kids are more than welcome!

Dogs must be on leash.

We will provide paper plates/napkins/cups etc. Most of what we bring is compostable. We will have separate trash bins for trash (non-food disposables), compostable (food scraps, paper with food on it, etc. and recyclables (bottles, cans, cardboard, plastics with logo). It’s starting to sound confusing but really it’s just like what we’re doing with our colored bins at home.