Neighbor Helping Neighbor, Block by Block!

“In a disaster, your most immediate sources of help are the neighbors living around you.”  (MYN)

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GREAT SHAKEOUT  – 10:15am on 10/15

Join us on Thursday, October 15 at 10:15 am when the Mt Washington Jessica Neighborhood organization participates in the annual Great ShakeOut event, which is observed all over California and in other parts of the country and the world.


At 10:15 in the morning on 10/15 EVERYBODY will DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON for 60 seconds. Then we will practice what we have planned to do in the event of a real disaster. What would you  do if this was The Big One?

Set your alarm for 10:15am and/or sign up for the Earthquake Alert:

Earthquake Warning California is coordinating a statewide test to coincide, for the first time, with ShakeOut on October 15. People who have downloaded the MyShake app to their phone will receive a TEST warning around 10:15am with guidance to Drop, Cover, and Hold On! To receive the Test Alert, you must have the app downloaded ahead of time. Learn more at












Our neighborhood plan is to start by turning on our FRS radios (walkie-talkies) to channel 5 to check in and listen for instructions. We will also begin our Map Your Neighborhood steps activities IN OUR HOMES, These are steps 1-6 which are listed in your MYN booklets. These are the steps we will do:

Step 1 – Take care of your loved ones

Step 2 – Dress for Safety – Protect your head, hands and feet [This means locating and putting on your hard hat, leather gloves and sturdy shoes]

Step 3 – Check the Natural Gas and Propane and shut-off if you smell, hear, or see evidence of leak [Check the gas meter but don’t actually turn it off – you would need to wait for the gas company to turn it back on]

Step 4 – Shut off Water to prevent contamination from possible broken pipes elsewhere.

Step 5 – Post OK / HELP sign [For purposes of this drill, we will only use “OK” Signs]

Step 6 – Place a Fire extinguisher on the curb visible to neighbors

We won’t be going to our Gathering Sites or forming teams–This is a COVID-19-safe earthquake reminder, and it won’t take long.

After the drill, at 11:30am, We’ll hold a debrief on Zoom. Use this link to join in to discuss what worked and what didn’t and what was learned:

If you don’t have a radio and would like one, we still have a few left to offer anyone who makes a $15 donation to our nonprofit.

We’ll also be offering radio workshops on zoom for practice before and after the Shake-out (see the story below and also news items on our website).

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Over the past several years our non-profit organization, Mt Washington Jessica Neighborhood, Inc. has been preparing our neighborhood, block by block, for a major disaster. MYN meetings and MYN/CERT drills have focused on what to do during the first hour of a traumatic and sudden event. An earthquake or windstorm, for instance, may knock down power lines and buildings, overwhelm phone lines and cause medical emergencies. We have prepared for damage assessment, radio communications, medical triage, and the storage of  supplies.

Neighbor, Carolina Forni making PPE for first responders

Neighbor, Carolina Forni making PPE  for first responders

This virus has presented us with a different set of challenges. We are staying home, wearing masks, washing our hands and keeping our distance. We have electricity, so the Internet and TV keep us informed. has been an invaluable tool in keeping the neighborhood connected. Its been very heartwarming to see how many people have reached out to offer grocery shopping or other help. And neighbors, like Carolina Forni pictured here, using  their talents to create masks and other PPE for  first responders. Thanks, Carolina!!


Here are some things we can do to support each other:

  1. Check on your neighbors. Find out if everyone is ok and if anyone needs anything.
  1. Keep checking on your immediate neighbors, especially the elderly, those physically or medically challenged, or those living alone. If your block has been organized with a Map Your Neighborhood Meeting, you have a contact list with the most vulnerable neighbors listed in the shaded boxes.  If your situation has changed since your last meeting, let your block coordinator know so the lists can be updated.
  1. Invite neighbors who did not come to our MYN meeting to share their contact info (email address and phone number) so we can include them.
  1. Participate in the weekly 7pm Sunday evening radio drill by tuning in on your “walkie-talkie” to Channel 5. This exercise is organized by street name, so when your block is called say, “This is YOUR NAME on STREET NAME checking in.” (We use simple FRS radios. If you need one, just let us know! ) Its a wonderful opportunity to check that the neighborhood is safe and to practice our radio skills.
  1. Tell your friends & neighbors who are interested in learning about MYN for their blocks to visit our  MYN page  for more information. Until we can once again hold MYN meetings in person we will be experimenting with organizing blocks on Zoom.

The basics of MYN (knowing your neighbors, knowing who needs extra help and what collective resources your block has available) still apply to the coronavirus pandemic, which certainly qualifies as a disaster.  Being a good neighbor has never been more important. We welcome all your great ideas on how we can continue to help each other during this challenging time. Meanwhile, keep hooting and howling at 8pm to show how much Mt. Washington cares about those working on the front lines and each other!

If we were to have a disaster on top of the pandemic, it will be important that we can communicate with each other (without having to physically go door to door).  Check out our weekly radio call-in.

MWJN President, Pierre Landry, welcomes neighbors to the second annual “Potluck in the Park” at Cleland Bicentenniel Park on Saturday,  June 16, 2018 (Pierre’s birthday!)


MWJN Supports Work Parties, Workshops, Events & Drills

MWJN supports our community with disaster preparedness,  beautification and safety and welfare through educational events, exercises, improvement projects, and other activities that benefit our community.

We have organized small groups of neighbors to share information and create a plan for the first hour after a disaster. Twenty blocks have already participated in the 2 1/2 hour MYN workshop.

For 2020 we are in a holding pattern but will begin focusing on workshops for additional blocks within the Mt. Washington Jessica Neighborhood Boundaries when we can. Check out our Map Your Neighborhood page and contact us to get your block prepared. Events are on hold as well.

Join in our regular Sunday evening Radio Check-in! Sundays at 7pm on Channel 5. Roll Call by Street name. For more info email us at