Neighbor Helping Neighbor, Block by Block!

“In a disaster, your most immediate sources of help are the neighbors living around you.”  (MYN)

Disaster Preparedness Drill – October 14, 2023

We will practice as a neighborhood and in our individual blocks what we have learned to do in the event of a disaster. Our exercise is based on the Nine Steps of the Map Your Neighborhood program. MYN is based on knowing your neighbors, knowing who needs extra help and what collective resources your block has available. Find out more about MYN.

MYN Drill 2021
MYN Drill 2021

We try to have drills every year. We do this because actually going through the motions helps to reinforce what we learned from descriptions or videos. It serves as a refresher but also gives us all an opportunity to see what questions we have about what to do as well as evaluate what we might do differently next time. It is invaluable to actually work with your immediate neighbors to make decisions and take action. We also recognize the importance of practicing communication via FRS radios (walkie-talkies).

THE DRILL: At 10am DROP, COVER, HOLD ON! Practice what to do in the first hour of a Disaster:

–Grab your Walkie-Talkie Radio. Turn to Ch 5 – Listen to Network, call & give your status –
should we activate a response?


  1. Check your Household – Make sure everyone is safe.
  2. Dress for Safety – Put on sturdy shoes, a hardhat or helmet, and leather gloves
  3. Locate your Gas Meter – Know where it is and know how to turn it off if necessary
  4. Locate your Water Shut-off Valve – Know where it is and know how to turn it off if necessary
  5. Check that you have your HELP/OK sign with 2 band aids stapled in your MYN booklet
  6. Place your Fire Extinguisher on the Curb – Dial should be green, invert, and shake for 30 seconds
    before placing it in front of your house for neighbors to grab if needed for fire
  7. Go to your Block Gathering Site – Where is it? Follow your neighbors.
  8. Select a Block Drill Coordinator to organize teams based on the number of people and what each
    person prefers to do. Distribute vests, radios & tools. The Drill Coord. may join one of the teams.

MWJN supports our community with disaster preparedness, beautification and safety and welfare through educational eventsexercises, improvement projects, and other activities that benefit our community.

MWJN supports our community with disaster preparedness,  beautification and safety and welfare through educational eventsexercises, improvement projects, and other activities that benefit our community.

We have organized small groups of neighbors to share information and create a plan for the first hour after a disaster. Twenty blocks have already participated in the 2 1/2 hour MYN workshop.

New to Map Your Neighborhood? Check out our Map Your Neighborhood page and contact us to get your block prepared.

Join in our regular Sunday evening Radio Check-in! Sundays at 6:15 pm on Channel 5. Roll Call by First name and Block name. For more info email us at


MWJN Potluck in the Park 2023

Saturday, 6/17/23

Thanks to everyone who who came out and made our reboot of the event a huge success! We had about 250 people – all with delicious food to share. Everyone had a great time!

Photos of the event (with big thanks to Paul, Gwen and Diane) are posted here.

Karen Keen speaking at the Little Library Dedication 5/22/23


We honored our late founding board member, Sharal Churchill, with a little library so neighbors can share books and perhaps read them in on one of our Adirondack chairs in Jessica Triangle.


We are stepping up the effort to organize our neighborhood block-by-block to prepare for a disaster.

MWJN Block Map 10/22

Zoomable PDF – MWJN MAP 10/22 click to download this file then zoom the map to street level – FIND YOUR HOUSE! Blocks that have already been organized are outlined in blue and have a letter assigned.  If your house is in one of these areas, just contact us to find out who your block contact is. If your block has never been organized or had a Map Your Neighborhood Meeting, contact us with your address and we’ll connect you with others in your block help you get organized! Learn more about the Map Your Neighborhood program in our neighborhood.