Neighborhood Watch

We have an active Neighborhood Watch that communicates via email and text. If you would like to join the conversation, send and email with your information to one of our two moderators, Phil and Tom.

Also, a newer resource being used city-wide is Nextdoor is billed as a private social network for you, your neighbors and your community. When you sign up (with your real name and your real address) the site automatically knows you live in the Mt. Washington Jessica neighborhood.


Emergency: 911; 1-800-688-8000 (if 911 is busy)

Non-Emergency/Dispatch: 877-ASK-LAPD (1-877-275-5273); 213-928-8223 (sometimes faster than 911)

Mt. Washington – Jessica – Senior Lead Officer (SLO):
Officer Fernando Ochoa
City Cell: (213) 793-0759
His hours vary.

Northeast Station 
As of 12/15 we have a new Northeast LAPD  station next door to the old one. The address is still the same (3353 N. San Fernando Rd 90065) but there are new phone numbers for the station. The numbers for Senior Lead Officers remain the same.

Front Desk – 323.561.3216
Community Relations Office – 323.561.3218
Narcotics – 323.561.3312
Vice – 323.561.3299
Gangs – 323.561.3313
Detective Desk – 323.561.3421

Mail Theft
For mail theft call the postal inspectors office: (877) 876-2455 and press “3” at the prompt. The police do not log or keep track of anything re mail theft, however it can’t hurt to notify our SLO via email.

Helicopter: Wonder what the helicopter noise is this time?
Helicopter Emergency Info: 213-485-2600 (find out when to lock yourself inside and when to go about your business)
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Download Neighborhood Info Sheet (pdf): Neighborhood_info_20160203