2016 “Map Your Neighborhood” El Niño Drill

2016-02-20 09.57.35SCENARIO:
 Continued heavy rains and strong winds have saturated the neighborhood and stressed the LA infrastructure; flooding and landslides in nearby areas have destroyed a substation, knocking out power and most communications – – we hear on the radio that power will be out for many hours, maybe days.

  • 9:00 am – Simulated Power Outage
    • Blocks  already part of “Map Your Neighborhood”, got their MYN booklets and under the bed kits and did the steps necessary to do at home, including placing a fire extinguisher at the curb.
    • Blocks that hadn’t held a “Map Your Neighborhood” Workshop, met at “5 Points” Hub (intersection of Oneonta, Nob Hill & Jessica) at 9:00 am for information about getting prepared and getting involved. Many volunteered to help one of the other blocks while some chose to watch and learn.
  • 9:15 am – “Neighborhood Gathering Site” Each block formed teams, walked their block and conducted its own mini-drill.
  • 10:00 am – Return to  Neighborhood Gathering Siteand discuss findings
  • MWJN - MYN El Niño Drill 2/20/16

    MWJN – MYN El Niño Drill 2/20/16

    10:30 am – Meet at “5 Points” Hubfor demonstrations and neighborhood debrief:

    • How to place sandbags to divert flooding water
    • New “Quick Dam” water-activated sandless sandbags – reusable!
    • Safety tips if power lines fall on your vehicle during a storm
    • Lessons learned from the drill
    • Information,  refreshments and prizes!

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MYN "Shingle" (workbook)

MYN “Shingle” (workbook)

Learn more about  MYN and having a workshop on your block.

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