24 Nov

Jessica Triangle Clean up – Saturday, December 11 – 10am

Paula and Crew Weeding the Triangle
Beautification – Jessica Triangle

Tentative date for the return of the annual event. The Triangle was created by and is maintained by neighbors in this area. Please come out to trim some dead branches (no weeds this time of year) and dig some trenches in case we get rain this year. (You can always cross your fingers about the latter.) Bring gloves and any tools you prefer. Working with neighbors is a great preparedness activity.

Find out more about MWJN Beautification.

26 Jul

MWJN Zoom Radio Workshop 8/4/20 7pm

Example Radio plan

As a follow up to our RADIO DRILL on July 26, we are offering a guided workshop hosted by Pierre Landry via Zoom on Tuesday, August 4th from 7-8:30 pm. We will be covering:

  • How radios fit into our MYN Response Plan
  • Review of the the block-level radio plan
  • Basic 2-Way radio tips
  • Practice radio transmissions
  • Next Steps

Sign up for free on Eventbrite:
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mwjn-zoom-radio-workshop-8420-tickets-115107198730 (Registration required to access Zoom link)

26 Apr

Weeding Weekend at Jessica Triangle 5/1 – 5/4

Jessica Triangle Work Party 2016

Wanna get out of the house? Well, here a fun and helpful opportunity in your neighborhood this weekend.

With all the rain this past winter, the JESSICA TRIANGLE needs to be weeded. It’s the landmark at the intersection of Jessica Drive and Cleland Avenue. Beginning in the late 90′s, local residents helped transform the triangle from a litter-strewn patch of asphalt to a beautifully landscaped drought-tolerant pocket park, and neighbors have been maintaining it ever since.

We can’t really have a work day, where people from around the neighborhood gather and work all at the same time. But we can have VIRTUAL WORK DAY, where each family selects a 2-hour time slot during which they will come an work.

Of course, you aren’t expected to work the whole 2 hours! However, when you reserve that block of time, you are asking that no one else go to the Triangle so you and the people who live with you can work safely without having to worry about social distancing in the Triangle area. 30 minutes. 60 minutes. 90 minutes. 120 minutes. Whatever suits your schedule, your family size, and your abilities.

Bring your own tools, and maybe a garbage bag (or your own green bin if you are close by) dig up the weeds, and then send a picture of your team to info@mtwashingtonjessica.org so we can post it. Just focus on weeding.  We’ll take care of any pruning. If you’re not sure if its a weed or a good plant, leave it alone.

There are sawhorse signs that ask people to not walk through the Triangle while you are working. Please post them at each end of the path, and replace them under the tree when you’re done.

Can’t donate some time? How about donating money to the MWJN Beautification Fund? Donate here [http://mtwashingtonjessica.org/support-us/donate>] and please note “beautification – Triangle” to make sure your donation goes to the right place.

Sign up for your family’s time slot on Doodle: doodle.com/poll/5zn23c2d6ms74m8g .

Send any Questions to info@mtwashingtonjessica.org

And thanks in advance for your help!

10 Oct

Radio Workshop Wednesday, Oct. 16

Pizza fro CERT/CSMR provided by ASNCDid your walkie -talkie work as planned during the drill? Are you overwhelmed by technology and need a little hand-holding to get started? Can you turn it on but don’t know what to say or when to say it? Do you understand everything there is to know about using radios but wish your neighbors had better training?



Wednesday, Oct 16  from 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Coptic Church – 4900 Cleland Ave. 90042
(downstairs – walk down the driveway on the left side of the church as you’re facing it and enter through the doorway on your right)

Bring your radios (whether you purchased them yourself or received a set for your block)

We will go over:

  • Turning radios on and off
  • Charging, battery care and maintenance
  • Changing channels
  • Push-to-talk
  • Effective protocols (what to say)
  • Our Mt. Washington Jessica radio plan
  • Challenges of our hilly neighborhood
  • What is a repeater and what  you need to know about it
  • What worked and didn’t with radios during our last drill
  • Any questions you may have about radios