26 Sep

MWJN Disaster Drill 10/14/23

Our exercise focused on the Nine Steps of the Map Your Neighborhood program. MYN is based on knowing your neighbors, knowing who needs extra help and what collective resources your block has available to help ourselves in the first hour following a disaster. Find out more about MYN.

It was a fun time with our neighbors!

THE DRILL: Began at home: At 10am DROP, COVER, HOLD ON! Practice what to do in the first hour of a Disaster:

Grab your Walkie-Talkie Radio. Turn to Ch 5 – Listen to Network, call & give your status

Get your MYN booklet and follow the 9 Steps:

  1. Check your Household – Make sure everyone is safe.
  2. Dress for Safety – Put on sturdy shoes, a hardhat or helmet, and leather gloves
  3. Locate your Gas Meter – Know where it is and know how to turn it off if necessary (but DON’T turn it off for the drill)
  4. Locate your Water Shut-off Valve – Know where it is and know how to turn it off if necessary (but DON’T turn it off for the drill)
  5. Check that you have your HELP/OK sign with 2 band aids stapled in your MYN booklet
  6. Place your Fire Extinguisher on the Curb – Dial should be green, invert, and shake for 30 seconds
    before placing it in front of your house for neighbors to grab if needed for fire
  7. Go to your Block Gathering Site – Where is it? Follow your neighbors.
  8. Select a Block Drill Coordinator to organize teams based on the number of people and what each person prefers to do. Distribute vests, radios & tools. The Drill Coordinator may join one of the teams. Teams check the block for incidents.
  9. After Teams complete work, Return to Gathering Site to share results

During the last hour all blocks convened in the “5 Points” intersection for a debrief session for feedback on what worked and what didn’t. Ben reviewed all the incidents and all the correct responses. Pierre also demonstrated how to shut off gas. And we had pizza! An educational and tasty event!

05 Jun

2023 Potluck in the Park 6/17/23

Neighbors enjoying their meals at the 2023 MWJN Potluck in the Park
Potluck in the Park 2023


Finally after being sidelined by Covid the past 3 years, we were able to re-launch our once-annual Potluck in Cleland Park! Saturday, June 17. We had a very successful event with an estimated 250 participants–our best turnout yet!

We had all kinds of good food – Including a couple of birthday cakes, for neighbor, Jan, and our own MWJN President, Pierre.

Lots of families and lots of kids!


07 May

MWJN Little Library Dedication 5/21/23

Jessica Triangle is getting a Little Free Library! Join us on Sunday, May 21, 2023 at 11am as we dedicate our new Little Library to our founding board member, Sharal Churchill. Sharal died on April 15, 2020 (read our in memorium). This is our little way of thanking her for her years of service in the neighborhood and in bringing our organization into existence. Sharal loved Mt. Washington and she also loved books (or anything on paper), so when current board members, Andrew and Sarah Bui proposed they build a little library, it seemed the perfect way to honor her.

Sarah & Andrew positioning the new Little Library
Sarah & Andrew installing the new Little Library

We will be congregating in Jessica Triangle at 11am on Sunday, May 21 to officially welcome the Little Library to our neighborhood and to dedicate it to Sharal. Remembrances will be offered and books will be available. If you’ve never visited our little oasis at the intersection of Cleland Ave and Jessica Dr., this would be a good opportunity.

Sharal helping at one of our Preparedness Drills
Sharal helping at one of our Drills

Please bring a chair if standing for more than a short time is an issue. Well behaved children and pets are welcome. Hopefully our delightful spring-like weather will continue.

20 Apr

Jessica Triangle Work Party – 4/23/23

Spring Cleanup 2022
Spring Cleanup 2022

After all the rain and the recent sun, the weeds are crazy! Please come out to Jessica Triangle this Sunday, April 23, from 10am to Noon, to clear some weeds and help with general cleanup. Bring gloves and any tools you prefer. If possible, bring a trash bag or even a green bin (if you live nearby and it’s practical). Remember, working with neighbors is a great preparedness activity.

Support your neighborhood! The Triangle was created by and is maintained by neighbors in this area. We request 30 minutes of your time or a $10 donation. We’ll accept cash on the spot or you can donate here.

Find out more about MWJN Beautification.