25 Oct

Wine Tasting – 11/14/21 – TERROIR

Winetasting Fundraiser for Mt. Washington Jessica Neighborhood, Inc.

Featuring wines from Byron Blatty Wines and small bites from Radical Cooks

Location: 900 Oneonta Dr. LA, CA 90065 (private residence – back yard)

Time: Sunday, November 14, 2021 2-4pm

The theme is “Terroir” a term used to describe the influence of the soil and environmental factors on the character of grapes/wine. In this instance, it’s being used more broadly to reference the influence of the topography, flora & fauna of Mt. Washington and in fact the people who live here on the character of  the neighborhood of Mt. Washington Jessica.

We will sample 3 different wines paired with 3 different small bites chosen to complement the wines. We will also have a Silent Auction with exciting wine and food items donated by our stars as well as some useful preparedness items from MWJN.

Wines will be offered for sale at the event (stock up for Thanksgiving) with Byron Blatty Wines offering a 10% discount on any wines purchased at the event. An additional 10% will be donated to Mt. Washington Jessica, Inc. Win-win-win!

This event is for fully vaccinated neighbors over the age of 21.

We have long wanted to host a winetasting fundraiser for MWJN, Inc. We are so privileged to have Mark and Jenny Blatty of Byron Blatty Wines in our neighborhood, single handedly rewriting the story of LA Winemaking. We are also very lucky to have Nina Zippay of Radical Cooks who caters international corporate events but got her start doing cooking classes for local girl scouts. Mark, Jenny and Nina all focus on high quality products from the local bounty that is Los Angeles, and we believe the Terroir of our immediate neighborhood is also instrumental in shaping the character of our neighbors. The history, the geography, the microclimate, the unique flora and fauna and indeed the people as well all shape our existence here in Mt. Washington Jessica Neighborhood.


In the late 1800s, vineyards lined the banks of the LA River and dotted the area, supplying the grapes for the finest wines in the state. But by the early 1930s, the impact of the Gold Rush, an outbreak of Pierce’s disease, and the scourge of Prohibition had nearly wiped out LA’s vineyards, which were converted to citrus groves, replanted to other crops, or cleared for urban development.

Mark & Jenny Blatty are at the forefront of SoCal’s re-emerging wine scene and are committed to producing world-class wines in Los Angeles.



Cooking with local, seasonal ingredients is something we all aspire to. It celebrates where you live, allows you to meet your farmers at the market, and helps you eat a wider range of fruits and vegetables. According to traditional Chinese medicine philosophies, by imbibing seasonal foods consistent with the external environment we remain in harmony with nature, adapt better to changes, and stay healthy. But most of us don’t know how to start or how to sustain such practices. Radical Cooks believes all change starts at the root, or the base level of what we eat and how we make it.

We specialize in plant-based cooking and are known for putting vegetables into each and every course. And yes, that includes dessert!


MWJN Inc. Board of Directors 2021

Mt. Washington Jessica Neighborhood, Inc.

MWJN is a 501c(3) nonprofit corporation founded in 2014 to promote “Neighbor Helping Neighbor.”   MWJN was created to support residents, homeowners, and community groups for disaster preparedness, neighborhood awareness, safety and welfare through educational events, exercises, beautification and improvement projects, and other activities that benefit our community. Donations from the Winetasting fundraiser will support these activites.

Our Board of Directors (left) loves our neighborhood and our neighbors. What better way to celebrate than with some local wine and bites.


Tickets are $30 per person and the event will be capped at a maximum of 50 people. The event is now totally sold out. There may be a couple of tickets available by joining the waiting list on Eventbrite.

This event is for fully vaccinated neighbors over the age of 21.

13 Oct

Postponed – Potluck in the Park 6/18/22

Potluck in the Park 2018
Potluck in the Park 2018

One of the hardest things about the pandemic was having to postpone our annual MWJN Potluck in the Park! We’re were feeling reasonably confident that by June of 2022 we would be able to safely gather and share food. There is still some COVID hesitancy and other logistical hurdles so we have once again postponed. We’re all disappointed, but hope we can do this before another year slips by. We will announce the new date as soon as we can so we all can have something to look forward to.

07 Oct

Map Your Neighborhood Disaster Drill 10/16/21 10am

The scenario is a major earthquake that hits at 10am Saturday morning.

  • Practice “Drop! Cover! Hold On!
  • Practice Map Your Neighborhood Program Steps
  • Practice helping other members of our block
  • Practice helping other blocks in the neighborhood
  • Practice using FRS radios to communicate with others in our blocks and with other blocks
  • Practice problem solving to address incidents caused by a major earthquake
  • Attend a Debrief at the end of the drill to compare notes, discover correct answers, meet neighbors and eat pizza

We will also be practicing using our FRS radios (walkie-talkies). Our initial check-ins from our homes will be similar to what we’ve been practicing in our Sunday evening radio practices. As we walk our blocks we will use one channel to communicate between the walking team and the team at the Gathering Site. A separate channel will be reserved to communicate with the staging manager for the whole neighborhood.

Our response is to Drop Cover and Hold on and to practice what we’ve learned in our Map Your Neighborhood program. We will not be coordinating with CERT this time. We will follow our 9 Steps and go to our gathering sites to form teams. The teams will assess the blocks by looking for special yellow Drill Incident Cards. We will not be seeing bloodied bodies or hauling people in stretchers. This will be more of a “Thought Exercise” focusing on decision making utilizing the resources we know we have in our blocks (found in our Contact Lists and Skills and Equipment Inventories)


This is a covid compliant event and masks are requested even if you’re fully vaccinated.