07 Jan

2015 Planning Meeting Wednesday, January 28

Our first neighborhood meeting of 2015 will be held at the Holy Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church at 4900 Cleland Ave. on Wednesday, January 28 at 7pm. We’ll be discussing goals and opportunities for the new year, the “Map Your Neighborhood” initiative and ways you can get involved.

Because of the recent break-ins and thefts in our area, we have invited our LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Craig Orange, to the Wednesday, 1/28, Planning Meeting. Also invited are Neighborhood Prosecutor, Gaby Taylor and CD-1 Deputy, Sylvia Robledo. This will give us a chance to hear the information they have about local crime, and then we can incorporate their recommendations into our planning.

The MWJN nonprofit is operated by the board of directors in conjunction with various committees including:

  • Training – organizing workshops and drills
  • Block Organizing – guiding the “Map Your Neighborhood” effort
  • Publicity – supporting the website, Facebook and other communications
  • Special Needs – ensuring a voice for those needing extra help in a disaster
  • Beautification – supporting projects like the Jessica Triangle and Oneonta/Olancha stairs
  • Pets – advocating and preparing for our four legged family members
  • Fundraising – pursuing grants and other opportunities to fund our programs

Please come share your thoughts and participate in neighborhood activities that benefit our community. Have an idea for a project or committee?  Bring it!

06 Jan

2015 CERT Classes in the area

A daytime CERT class is being offered starting in March at Mt. Washington Elementary School, 3981 San Rafael Ave., LA, CA 90065. The class meets on Tuesdays beginning March 3rd and ends April 21st, with no class on March 31st. The class is from 8:30-11.

CERT classes are offered through the LA Fire Dept. and are free of charge. New classes are added regularly – check eventbrite for the latest info: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/lafd-cert-program-7803155391

To become a CERT graduate, you must complete the 17-1/2 hour course (Level 1). Level 1 training is taught by professional experienced firefighters and paramedics. Most classes run one evening  a week for 7 weeks, although some classes are available daytime and/or weekends. More info is available on the CERT website: www.cert-la.com.


CLASS 1 – INTRODUCTION, EARTHQUAKE AWARENESS Registration Introduction Earthquake Threat in Southern California Personal & Family Preparation Nonstructural Hazard Mitigation

CLASS 2 – DISASTER FIRE SUPPRESSION TECHNIQUES Fire Chemistry Fire Extinguisher Use Utility Control Creative Firefighting Techniques Hazardous Materials / Placarding

CLASS 3 – DISASTER MEDICAL OPERATIONS (SESSION 1) Recognizing Life-Threatening Emergencies Treating Life-Threatening Emergencies Triage

CLASS 4 – DISASTER MEDICAL OPERATIONS (SESSION 2) AND MULTI-CASUALTY INCIDENT Head-to-Toe Evaluation Treating Non-Life-Threatening Emergencies Treatment Area Management

CLASS 5 – LIGHT SEARCH & RESCUE OPERATIONS Evacuation Search Techniques Rescue Methods / Cribbing

CLASS 6 –TEAM ORGANIZATION & DISASTER PSYCHOLOGY Developing a Response Team Incident Command System “ICS” Psychological “Size-Up”

CLASS 7 – TERRORISM & HOMELAND DEFENSE History of Terrorism Do’s and Don’ts During a Terrorist Act Homeland Defense Tips