Neighborhood Plan

“Neighbor helping Neighbor”

The Mt. Washington Jessica Emergency Plan is a work in progress begun in  2014 based on the LA Emergency Management Department’s 5-Step Plan Guidelines and the Montecito Heights example.

The plan is based on the priorities in a disaster: self, family (including pets) and neighbors. Outside help may be 72 hours to 2 weeks away. The plan details :

  • Threats and risks in our hilly terrain
  • Neighborhood gathering places
  • Communications protocols
  • Consideration for those who may need special assistance
  • Planning for pets
  • Neighborhood assets (skills, equipment, supplies)

The plan was begun as a precursor to the Earthquake Drill in October 2014 and is continually evolving.  Our current efforts emphasize the block-by-block  “Map Your Neighborhood” program which bridges the gap between CERT training and and ordinary household preparedness. Get involved and help shape the plan!