FRS Radios are “Family Service Radios” which have limited power and frequencies. The limited range means we don’t encounter interference with other radio users in Southern California. The range is only about half a mile. This should make them perfect in our neighborhood, however the range is often a function of “line of sight” and our hilly terrain can be problematic. Neighbors on opposite sides of a hill can have difficulty hearing each other even if they are physically close. Our radio plan has factored that in and we try to position radios at a higher elevation to hopefully hear both parties.

FRS Radios come in a variety of shapes sizes and colors. Inexpensive ones can have better range than more expensive models. Due to the increase in our costs, the suggested donation has increased to $20 for one radio. There are a few left at the old pricing of $15 – if you’ve been stalling, now’s a good time!

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