MWJN Radio Drill 7/26/20

Radio Plan for Drill 7/26/20

Many thanks to all who participated in our Radio Drill on 7/26. We had an estimated 62 participants from 19 of our 22 organized blocks. Communication was not seamless but a vast improvement over some of our previous drills. 

Special recognition to the Seaview Lane block who successfully  held a socially distanced  drill  with incidents and responses.

The rest of us focused on checking in on our own blocks with our designated “Base” team. Bases then shared info about how many people checked in and any reception issues to their designated “Hub”. The  five “Hubs” then relayed all that info to the “Staging Manager” who oversaw the entire exercise.

If we were to have a disaster on top of the pandemic, it will be important that we can communicate with each other (without having to physically go door to door). 

See more information about using FRS radios and how we use them in our neighborhood and consider participating in our weekly neighborhood radio call-in