19 Jun

MWJN Combined Resources Drill – 8/19

SAVE THE DATE – Saturday, August 19th

Joint “Map Your Neighborhood”

and CERT Exercise

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)  trains citizens to respond to disasters when first responders are unavailable.

MYN (Map Your Neighborhood) trains residents to coordinate resources and needs within their own block of neighbors in order to help themselves during the first hour of a disaster.

When the two programs are combined, we can connect the dots from individuals on a single block who have specific needs with trained responders who can get help to those who need it most. CERT leaders can relay priorities to outside help as it becomes available.

This is potentially a powerful, life-saving connection that brings the greatest good to the greatest number of people.

We have held CERT drills (2014 at the Coptic Church) and MYN Drills (2015 and 2016 around 5 Points). This exercise will be one of the first of its kind to combine the two. There is much to be learned!

CERT will deploy and set up the Command Post while the Map Your Neighborhood blocks do their assessments. CERT will then check in on each of the blocks to see where they need support and send response teams accordingly. This will be an evening exercise in the Mt. Washington area.  Exact location, time and more details to follow…

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For more information, contact patrick@cert-la-battalion2.com or info@mtwashingtonjessica.org.