16 Sep

Supplemental CERT Training 9/27/14 10am

Montecito Heights Senior Center – 10:00 am

4545 Homer St.   Los Angeles, CA 90031

On Saturday, September 27, at 10am, Roy Payan will be conducting a supplemental CERT training including radio communications protocols and how to load/carry a stretcher.

This is also open to all CERT grads and those currently in training. Those without training are welcome to participate as victims or observe and learn, so bring your family, friends and acquaintances.

  • T1 and Radio Communication Training: Learn about new software developed specifically for use by CERT teams during a disaster. This new software will prove to be a valuable tool to all CERT teams. Radio Communications: learn the differences in various band widths and frequencies including HAM, GMRS and FRS, communication protocol and procedures. Learn how to build your own neighborhood group and how to join the weekly Monday night CERT Radio Network Drill.
  • Search and Rescue: Apply your class training by doing area assessment and survivor assessments. Conduct search and rescue, injury assessment, stretcher loading and, how to carry a victim in a stretcher and unload injured at triage gathering site.
  • Triage: Perform basic triage, assess level of urgency to injured and perform basic first aid.