10 Oct

Sunday Radio Practice

EVERY SUNDAY AT 7PM on Channel 5

neighbor with radio

neighbor, Lucas, with radio

Every Sunday we virtually gather on channel 5 at 7pm.  The idea is we get used to knowing where our radios are and keep them charged or with fresh batteries so that when we really need them in a disaster, we’ll be ready and know what to do. Its also an opportunity to check in with the neighborhood and make sure everyone is ok. And to have a safe way to connect with those around us.

The format of the radio practice is informal. We organize the call in by street name. When your street name is called say your first name or call sign and the name of your street, so “This is Andrew on Palmero”. You will get some kind of acknowledgement and perhaps info on how clearly you can be heard. Please join us! If you don’t have a radio, we may be able to connect you with someone on your block who has spares. We can also offer a pair of radios to anyone donating $30 to to our nonprofit. See our donate page and specify in the notes the quantity of radios you would like.